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Nancy is a gifted intuitive and Whole Soul Coach. Her passion for helping people began at an early age.  As a small child, her hands would move compellingly and intuitively to reach out and touch others in response to their emotional and physical ailments.  This gift evolved into a passion for helping people live happier, healthier lives and became the catalyst that propels her to travel the world in search of healing practices and self-knowledge to better offer the essentials of wholesome healing.

Under the mastery of Bryan Jamison a non hypnotic Past Life Regression Practitioner, her mentor and guide, she discovered her purpose was to be an “instrument of healing” and further his unique legacy.

Nancy’s energy and enthusiasm for healing and wholeness has inspired her to study with many disciplines including Theta Healing, The Usui System of Natural Health/Reiki, Sufi Raphaelite, Babaji’s Om Kriya Yog, Phowa, Emotional Release, The Aquarius Chakra Balancing Technique and Behavior Awareness.

Nancy is among the first group of Americans to receive the title of Tse Dup Yang Bod Drup Shenpa. This is a three year intensive study of the ancient Tibetan Soul Healing from the Tibetan Bon tradition. She continues study, practice and application of the teachings of the ancient masters.

Nancy is currently practicing in Costa Mesa, California and is available for consultation.