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Whole Soul Coaching

Humans are stronger, brighter, and much more capable when all the gifts are accessible to us. Nancy integrates the body, mind and spirit using several time-honored, customized energy and healing modalities.

Past Life Regression (Non-Hypnotic)

Guided use of the imagination to locate, resolve and release negative influences from our personal past and influential past lives.

Cloud Work

Cloud work is an opportunity to communicate on a personal level with oneself or another at a Whole Soul Level. This method employs guided visualization and promotes clarity and understanding.


Q: How can I benefit from Whole Soul Coaching?

A: Each and every person is unique. Everyone has their own set of experiences and abilities to shift. Each person has a unique set of triggers and layers of interwoven interruptions that might keep a sense of peace hidden. These sessions are personalized and designed to bring balance to the layer closest to the surface first, gently allowing the deeper layers to be revealed and resolved.

Q: What can I expect from a Past Life Regression?

A: This method can be very beneficial for a person struggling with a life issue or a limiting behavior. Examples: Unrequited love, struggling with finances, finding your purpose, repetitive patterns or actions. You may be dealing with a fear, belief or reaction that is not congruent with your life experience. Past Life Regressions help by locating and identifying the core beliefs and facilitating the release of negative patterns.

Q: What is Cloud Work?

A: Cloud Work is a technique that allows you to detach and see yourself and others from an elevated perspective. By distancing yourself from your own emotions you are able to gain insight and find creative solutions which may have been obscured by emotional attachments.