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I first saw Nancy during an extremely difficult time in my life as I was going through a contentious divorce and found myself sliding in and out of anxiety and depression. I had a deposition coming up and was worried about how I would handle the stress. I found that every time I was around my ex-husband I had a negative physical reaction. My heart would race, I would sweat and leave every interaction feeling horrible.

I went to Nancy looking for some support and help in handling the overall stress that was in my life. She first explained to me how we are all connected to everything and everyone and sometimes these connections become dysfunctional and hurtful. She helped me emotionally “dis-connect” from my ex-husband. She helped me feel back in control of my “physical” reaction to that type of stress.

I went in for a session of Reiki. After she had spent some time before my session with her contemplating on me, she seemed to have a crystal clear picture of my ex-husband and the type of person I was struggling with. I lay on the table and she began her work. When I finished, I felt a “joy” in myself that I had not felt in a very long time. I also felt a strength inside of myself, a sort of confidence of who I was….and it felt great!:) And an overall feeling of well-being and completely void of anxiety.

The next day I had my deposition and was amazed at how relaxed I was. My heart rate stayed stable, my head was clear and I was able to answer all the questions in a confident, calm manner. Oddly enough, the deposition finalized a 4-year battle.


Hi Beautiful Nancy,

I so loved our sesion today... I continue to feel liberated and activated. The phone has started ringing again!!! I did a mediation with my friend this evening and felt a profound sense of connection...I had been worrying about the usual and a "voice" told me clearly it wasn't my job to take care of it and it would be taken care of... quite surprising and calming...THank you again. I love spending time with you realize how much you glow and flow????



There are so many wonderful things to say about Nancy, where do I start? First, I
consider Nancy one of the most important, helpful persons in my life. She is an
excellent healer. I have been seeing Nancy for 4 years. I had been suffering from
emotional pain and was receiving mental health therapy, when the therapist realized
that the pain I was enduring was overwhelming me to the point of not functioning and
full blown depression, thats when she recommended I see Nancy. She explained to me
that it was non-invasive and all i had to do was lay there while she did the work. I didn't
know what Reiki was, but she assured me it would help. Well I had to try something, I
didn’t want to take medication. When I saw Nancy, I left her office feeling light and free
of emotional pain. It was like something I cannot describe. I was able to wake up in the
morning and take care of my kids, I wasn’t overwhelmed with all this emotional pain.
After awhile the pain came back, I continued to see Nancy until all of the emotional pain
and anger and feeling of regret were gone. I saw her about 3 times that first year. After
that, those painful feeling were gone. They were just gone, I couldn’t even tap into it,
when I tried. Well about a year later, I found out some very devastating news and the
first person I called was Nancy. And again, the pain was gone and I was able to go
onto regular life things without being devastated and unable to cope. Recently, I started
to have very bad headaches and was unable to get up and/or function. The headache
was persisting and I tried eastern medicine (acupuncture) and regular western medicine
(doctors) and nothing was working, so I immediately called Nancy, after the first
session, I was headache free for 3 days, then they came back. Then I was headache
free for 1 week. I believe I have seen her 4 times now. I am feeling better, able to get
up and do things and am able to work. I can also report that when I first saw Nancy, I
told her I had 3 nodules in my thyroid. 3 years later I got an ultrasound and the nodules
are gone. Wow! I know that Reiki works and that Nancy has the gift of healing
because, not only has it worked on me, but I have recommend her to 5 people, all of
which report to me the same excellent exact results. Reports of freedom from lifelong
anxiety, feeling of extreme happiness from depression, and just feelings of hope and
peace. Nancy is a gem, she is a healer, a counselor and a lifelong friend. She is just a
great person who wants to help everyone.

Daughter, sister, wife and mother in Southern California

I have known Nancy for about 20 years - from back when she wore St. John knits. I have had two regression sessions with her that helped me understand aspects of my personality and provide deeper understanding of my family. These sessions have also helped me feel more "at home" in the world and in my skin. Though my first session was 3 years ago, I still feel the peace it brought to me and carry the images with me.

Cynthia Renee Zava

I would like to thank you Nancy for everything you did for me and the tremendous care and compassion you put into each and every meeting we had. Nancy is a true gift and exercises a tremendous amount of intuition, energy, focus, compassion and love into each person she sees. Nancy allowed me to see the connection between the mind and body and also pinpoint where there were I was experiencing negative energy in my body. This negative energy was a block to living the life I wanted to live and having the health I wanted to have. Nancy did not only have the gift of intuition about how to approach this connection between the two (mind and body), but she also has a gift of healing. She was able to relieve the tension in my body, allow my balance to be restored and truly give me a sense of healing at a cellular level. Her tremendous spiritual focus allows for a higher power to be involved in each and every session and she becomes a vehicle for this higher power. I'm completely 100% satisfied and would highly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to attain a higher level of awareness, love and compassion in their own lives. Thank you Nancy!



Working with Nancy has helped me resolve some issues I had been dealing with since childhood. She has shepherded me me through some transformational experiences with past life regression and spiritual growth tools.

Kris Kissner